What are the most common foods that lead to broken teeth?

You might be surprised, but the number one tooth breaker is hard bread. Our lovely French baguettes, croutons, and toasted bagels, be careful with those. They really do break teeth and are the number one reason why I have to do crowns on teeth, especially the back molars.

The second major tooth breaker is popcorn kernels. You have no idea how many times I have done crowns because people eat popcorn. The way to eat your popcorn is to pick up each popped corn, look at it to make sure that there is no unpopped portion of the kernel in it. Not only do popcorn kernels break your teeth, but the yellow skin on the popcorn kernels sometimes gets stuck in between the gums on your teeth, leading to swollen, sometimes infected gums.

The third tooth breaker is chewing ice. Get rid of that habit. If you chew ice, chew it slowly. Don't bite down hard and fast on something like ice. That will be a major tooth breaker.

The fourth tooth breaker is food with pits such as olives and cherries. Be careful with them because once in a while you will bite down on something that says pitted and it is not pitted. Always bite down things and olives, slowly cherries, just because you never know if there's a pit in there.

Yes, you read it right. My other one once in a while is crispy bacon. If you make it too crispy, watch out, it'll be breaking your tooth.

And the final one, it is biting down on forks. People have come in, they were so hungry and eating so fast that they actually bit down on the fork and they broke their front teeth. So yes, those are basically my top six breakers: Hard bread, popcorn kernels, ice, food with pits like olives and cherries, crispy bacon, and biting on the fork.