Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. provides comprehensive oral healthcare services in Orinda, California, to help our patients keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. Additionally, we are here to provide emergency dentistry services whenever the need arises. If you are facing an unexpected dental issue, you can have peace of mind in knowing that a compassionate team of dental professionals is available nearby to promptly assist you.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

No one is immune to dental emergencies. Even if you take good care of your teeth and follow an optimal oral hygiene routine, you may still face an unexpected dental issue from time to time. For instance, one common problem that often warrants emergency dentistry attention is a toothache. The dental professionals at Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. promptly see patients who are experiencing pain or sensitivity due to:
• Tooth decay
• A tooth cavity
• A chipped, cracked, broken, or knocked-out tooth*
• A loose permanent tooth
• Inflamed gums (gingivitis)
• Gum disease (periodontitis)
• An abscessed tooth

Why Is Emergency Dentistry Important?

In these instances, immediate action is important not only to minimize the pain but also to prevent the condition from worsening. Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. offers a convenient option for addressing such issues quickly. And because patient comfort and satisfaction are among our top priorities, our emergency patients can expect to benefit from the same level of personalized attention and outstanding treatment that they would receive during a prescheduled appointment.

If you are facing a dental emergency, don’t try to power through the pain. Contact Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. right away. We see emergency patients in our office in Orinda, CA, on the same day they call, and we attempt to meet all of their dental needs during their initial emergency visit.

*If you have a knocked-out permanent tooth, we suggest that you rinse your mouth and tooth with warm water. Then, hold the tooth by its crown—avoid touching the root—and gently reposition it in the empty socket in your gum. Place a gauze pad over the tooth and lightly bite down to keep it in place until you visit our office. If you cannot place the tooth in your mouth, preserve it in a cup of milk.

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