An orthodontist can precisely adjust the alignment of your teeth and jaws, which can enhance your oral health as well as your appearance. The potential advantages of orthodontic treatment include better biting and chewing function, reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Of course, if you need orthodontist treatment, you will want to find the right orthodontist. But where do you begin? Turn to the experienced dental professionals at Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. Over the last two decades, we have become familiar with many local dental specialists, and we have earned a reputation as a trusted source of orthodontic referrals in the Orinda, California, area.

What to Look for in an Orthodontist? 

When providing you with orthodontic referrals, the team at Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. will consider your unique needs and goals. You can feel confident that we will refer you to an orthodontist who is: 

  • Properly trained, qualified, licensed, and certified 
  • Committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional dentistry 
  • Passionate about their job 
  • Experienced in providing the specific type of orthodontic treatment you need 
  • Gentle, patient, and compassionate  
  • Meticulous, detail-oriented, and artistic (orthodontics is both a science and an art) 
  • An active listener and outstanding communicator 
  • A skillful leader (your orthodontist will likely lead other dental professionals when providing your treatment) 
  • Trusted by many patients in our local community 

At Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp., we know that the best orthodontic care often involves a long-term relationship between the patient and the orthodontist. We also know that the process may be a bit uncomfortable and frustrating for the patient at times. We will help you choose an orthodontist who will make you feel comfortable, encourage you throughout your treatment, and help you achieve the results you are looking for. 

If you are searching for orthodontic referrals, contact Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. today to request a consultation at our office in Orinda, CA.

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