Compassionate Gum Disease Treatment for Residents of Lafayette, CA

Are your gums showing signs of redness or swelling? Do they bleed easily while brushing or flossing? Are you experiencing discomfort while chewing and struggling to maintain fresh breath?

If any of these issues resonate with you, gum disease might be a concern. Fortunately, residents in Lafayette, California, and nearby areas have a reliable solution with the compassionate team at Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. Our practice welcomes patients of all ages, offering accessible payment options and staying up-to-date with the latest dental advancements.

Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease, also referred to as "periodontal disease," occurs when the gums and the supporting tooth structures become infected and inflamed. Typically stemming from inadequate oral hygiene, the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and bacteria leads to this condition. Its progression spans four stages, from the mildest to the most severe:

  • Gingivitis
  • Mild periodontitis
  • Moderate periodontitis
  • Advanced periodontitis

Gingivitis often presents with the symptoms mentioned earlier. However, in its advanced stages, gum disease can result in loose teeth or tooth loss. While gingivitis is reversible through proper treatment, once it advances to periodontitis, the focus shifts to slowing the disease's progression and managing symptoms.

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If you suspect gum disease, reach out to Virginia H. Ellis, DDS Dental Corp. today. Our team is eager to share more about our approach, address your concerns, and arrange a visit to our Lafayette, CA, office for personalized gum disease treatment. We're committed to guiding you toward restoring gum health and preserving your radiant smile.

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